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“Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it's probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it.”
- Banksy

fastforward focuses on shaping documentary projects from the very beginning - for a modern market.

In our transforming media landscape there is a lot of movement - especially in content and distribution the world is rapidly changing. And, we need to keep up with these changes because, and maybe more than ever, our world needs documentaries!

New formats and new modes of content delivery have come up with the rise of non-linear media consumption. Usage of linear TV is declining, rising demand for the different VOD rights require aligned distribution windows. International co-productions and global deals call for heightened visibility.

All this forces filmmakers, producers and distributors to finding new strategies. A challenge we can meet by delivering well-developed stories along with tailored distribution and marketing strategies – making our projects visible!

In the past years I have successfully produced internationally acclaimed award winning documentaries. I have always believed that filmmakers and producers should think like startups about every film project. Not only finding exciting stories, setting up a business plan but also customizing a marketing and distribution strategy for every project – from the very beginning.

An early outreach concept or impact campaign helps to secure new partners as “content allies” and fosters access to audiences. Broadcasters, NGOs and different institutions, distributors, platforms, sales agents are all part of the team – some with diverging interests and different needs for rights. The management of rights is a core element of successful production and distribution scheming. Self-distribution, hybrid distribution and split-rights deals are strategies that help in setting up effective collaborations.

A well developed story combined with a tailored marketing and distribution strategy will support reaching audiences and partners and will help to manage the rights – to successfully finance, produce and market each project.

My services


CURRENT (in excerpts)
Liberation Diaries (WT) | Director: Matteo Parisini | Documentary | 52' TV with Ladoc, Italy and Drôle de Trame, France, First Hand Films and ZDF/arte for Docdays Productions
Dirty Coffee (WT) | Director: Andrew Brukman | Documentary | 75' & 90' TV with Hellflower Films, UK and SWR/arte for Neue Celluloid Fabrik
COMPLETED (in excerpts)
Murky Skies | Director: Noam Pinchas | Documentary series and one-off | 3 x 48', 2 x 52' & 90' TV with Laughing Buddha Films, Israel for Hot 8, ZDF/arte & ZDFinfo, VPRO and Dogwoof for Saxonia Entertainment
Go Clara Go | Director: Sylvie Kürsten | Documentary | 2022 | 90' Cinema & TV with MDR arte for Inselfilm
Script Consultant
Angels of Sinjar | Director: Hanna Polak | Documentary | 2022 | 90' Cinema & TV with Hanna Polak Film, ZDF arte, HBO, Czech TV for Saxonia Entertainment
Production Manager
Living Bach | Director: Anna Schmidt | Documentary | 2021 | 90' Cinema & TV with MDR/arte for SchmidtFilm
Creative Producer Development & Financing
The Cars we drove into Capitalism | Directors: Boris Missirko & Georgi Bogdanov | Documentary | 2021 | 90' / 52' TV with AGITPROP, Danish Documentary Production, Hulahop, Endorfilm with MDR/arte, with the support of Creative Europe - Media Programme of the EU, Danish Film Institute, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Czech State Cinematography Fund, Bulgarian National Film Center for Saxonia Entertainment
Yelnya - City of Glory | Director: Dmitry Bogolyubov | Documentary | 2020 | 90' / 52' TV with Ethnofund, Hypermarket Film, Feeling Reality and ZDF/ ARTE, Česká Televize and supported by Czech Film Fund for Saxonia Entertainment
Executive producer
Bürger.Macht | Directors: Sandra Budesheim & Sabine Zimmer | Documentary | 2020 | 82' TV with Crossendfilm, Dreamer Joint Venture and MDR for Saxonia Entertainment
What makes us Happy? | Director: Christoph Peters | Documentary | 2020 | 45' TV with MDR for Saxonia Entertainment
When the Fog lifts | Director: Nancy Brandt | Animated Documentary | 85’/ 52’ Cinema & TV for Balance Film
Script Consultant
Sponsors @ Neisse Film Festival | Concept | 2020 | Sponsoring and Support Concept for Neisse Film Festival
Consultant, Strategic Advisor
„Visegrád in Short(s)“ - Connecting Talents | Workshop | 2020 | for Filmverband Sachsen and 32. FILMFEST DRESDEN
EXQUISIT - Mode made in GDR | Director: Henrike Sandner | Documentary | 2020 | 45' TV MDR for Saxonia Entertainment
Filmwinter Sachsen | 2019 | Panel | "Connecting Talents – how to coproduce and collaborate across borders"
MEDIAstart | 2018/19 | Concept | Concept for launch of a Media Start-up Initiative for Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung MDM
Consultant, Strategic Advisor
The Illegal Film | Directors: Martin Baer & Claus Wischmann | Documentary | 2018 | 84’ Cinema & TV for Sounding Images
Distribution Consultant
MUHI – generally temporary | Directors: Rina Castelnuovo & Tamir Elterman | Documentary | 2018 | 85’ / 52’ Cinema & TV with Medalia Productions and yes Docu, EO, RSI for Neue Celluloid Fabrik
Executive Producer, Script Consultant, Distribution Strategy
Milk – facts, figures and beliefs | Director: Winfried Oelsner | Documentary | 2017 | 60’ / 52’ TV by Celluloid Fabrik for SWR/arte
Good - better - vegan? | Director: John A. Kantara | Documentary | 2017 | 45' / 52' TV by Celluloid Fabrik for SWR/arte
Shalom Italia | Director: Tamar Tal Anati | Documentary | 2016 | 60' / 70' Cinema & TV by Tamar Tal Films, KNow Productions and Celluloid Fabrik and NDR/arte, Yes Docu, Israel
Co-producer, Script Consultant
10 Billion - what's on your plate? | Director: Valentin Thurn | Documentary | 2015 | 102' / 52' / 45' / 30' Cinema & TV by Celluloid Fabrik, Valentin Thurn Film & Prokino Film Produktion and WDR, SWR
The Agent | Director: Rudolph Herzog | Documentary | 2013 | 55' / 42' TV by Celluloid Fabrik for MDR/arte
Preparation 38 - Leipzig and the German Atom Bomb | Director: Steffen Jindra | Documentary | 2012 | 30' TV by Celluloid Fabrik for MDR


I was born in Germany in 1966 and grew up moving around the world with my family living in Bangkok, Thailand and Abidjan, Ivory Coast and different cities in Germany. I currently live in Leipzig, Germany.
2016 - now
CEO, fastforward, Leipzig, Germany
Freelance producer and advisory services for independent filmmakers, production companies and film-related projects. Focusing on creative production, script and campaign consultancy for international documentary film projects as well as setting up strategic concepts for festivals, institutions and film-related companies.
From May 2023 Producer international and national productions at Bavaria Fiction GmbH.
2019 - 2022
Head of Documentary & International Coproductions at Saxonia Entertainment GmbH, Leipzig.
2011 - 2017
CEO, Celluloid Fabrik, Leipzig, Germany
Managing producer, development and production of cinema and TV documentaries. Among these "Muhi – generally temporary", winner of the Golden Dove at 60. DOK Leipzig, selected for Ophir 2017, Human Rights Watch Film Festival, San Francisco Film Festival, Hot Docs and many more, "Shalom Italia" selected 2016 for AFI Docs, IDFA and DOCAVIV and "10 Billion – whats on your plate?" the most successful cinematic documentary release in Germany in 2015.
2005 - 2015
Head of Sponsoring and Events, DOK Leipzig
Concept, Establishment and Management of Departments
2003 - 2015
CEO, Tina Leeb Projektmanagement, Leipzig
Brand Development with focus Sustainability, Event Concepts, Organization and Management for different companies.
2002 - 2005
Assistant to the Managers, Marco Polo Archive Productions GmbH, Halle (Saale)
Management Assistance, Marketing, Human Resource, Accounting, Events und Workshops.
2000 - 2001
Manager Local Heroes - Agentur für Filmservices GmbH, Leipzig
Extras, Casting and Actors Management
1988 - 1993
Psychology Studies at the University of Koblenz · Landau
Freelance author for computer user guides on NOVELL NetWare v2.2 and v3.11 published at Hüthig Verlag, Heidelberg
Freelance Project Manager Multimedia Events for i.e. L´Oréal, IBM, Duscholux, Ellen Betrix for WOB AG, Viernheim, International Communication Agency for Brands and Marketing and Penta Media Concept GmbH, Mannheim


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